On sex stars

I’ve been very outspoken here about my conflicted feelings towards porn. Clearly I’m having an emotional journey navigating my interactions with it. But I realize I’ve failed to balance it out by stating how I do not ever want to judge or shame those who make porn, especially not the women, and men, on screen.

I may not know if what I do is porn or not, but some people are very clear that that’s what they are making and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. I especially admire the work of pornstars like Stoya, Sasha Grey and others who are giving voice to their experiences and are empowering themselves while contributing to bridging the split worlds.

I also think that all those who choose to make and share explicit videos of themselves are part of a new wave sex revolution. The umbrella term “amateur” doesn’t do justice to the courage that’s involved in demystifying sex by expressing your sexuality openly.

So, despite my other ambivalences, I am proud and humbled to add my work to the achievements of all these known and unknown sex stars.


3 thoughts on “On sex stars

  1. porn or no porn
    art or no art
    is personal !
    my observation …
    your hands ..seeking your hair ….softly pulling…your feet your toes… pure motion of lust …
    for me it s pure Art & pure you!

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  2. After watching the vine caresses, I feel like I am getting to know your body — the tones of your skin, your curves, your looks. I love watching these videos for the first time and not knowing what is coming, and feeling my arousal. I’m sorry that this work comes out of such a hurtful place for you. You are a beautiful person, and you don’t deserve to be hurting in this way!

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