On cycles

A woman’s menstrual cycle. Still a subject that’s not really out there. It might be ok to joke about it, but in general it’s TMI. Like with pee and poop, we’re all a bit repressed by our civilized rearing. But also, menstruation is something that happens to only half the population, to the second sex. So it sparks the debate on difference and equality.

I’m always very hesitant to bring it up. Because I feel the pressure to not stand out, not be difficult, keep the field leveled. If the standard is consistent energy but mine isn’t, it feels more like a personal failure, like I’m the one unable to make myself play the game correctly.

In our current society, women are out there, going to school, having careers, playing sports, holding office. I was brought up to think I can do whatever I want, be whatever I want. But when I try to be myself, so often I end up being told that’s not really acceptable. And not just in personal ways of being myself, as in I like country music, but in biological ways as well.

The consistent level of energy model is so pervasive. Like with our relationship to nature. Again our civilized ways allow us to have the same lifestyle rain or shine, summer or winter, day or night. With technology and will power, we have mastered the cycles that used to rule us. And so, when you get to your job Wednesday morning and say, I’m really tired today because my period is about to start, it sounds like you’re not keeping up with the program.

It’s a shame though, because when I align myself with my cycle, I am so much more myself. And I believe that if I could really live my cycles, go where they want me to go, move like they want me to move, I would be even more myself.

Last week, all I wanted was to go to the nearest forest and bury myself in the earth. Now I’m a little bit more interested again in regular life but still, I wonder how I would feel if I had gone to rest in Mother Nature instead of just keep going.

3 thoughts on “On cycles

  1. keep going ! live in peace, love and respect

    and fuck our society! There is no society…only partnerships..marketing..porn ..wannabes
    virtual loners.. mayflies.. O-0
    And just

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