On the naked truth 2

These new videos are less about nice art than they are about radical self acceptance.

This is me. On a bad day of my cycle, on boring beige sheets, no light tricks or neat idea, shaky without a tripod, through a distorting selfie lens. But if I can still get turned on and give myself pleasure and love my body in these unflattering circumstances, l feel like I achieve something. And if I dare share it even though it makes me feel vulnerable, maybe I achieve yet something else.

What exactly am I trying to achieve? I’ve been asking myself that a lot lately. I saw this quote on Facebook that read something like, if women woke up and decided to love their bodies, think of all the industries that would go out of business. And I thought, think of how much more sex they would be having.

I want to love myself as I am. Be proud of myself as I am. Show myself as I am. Because then I win over the illusory beauty contest I seem to have been entered in by being born a woman. I win over constantly comparing myself to others and feeling lacking. I win over the insecurities that rob me of confidence, time, money and joyful sexual experiences. I win quietly, in a non violent way, with compassion and love and pleasure as my allies.

Btw, the full orgasm video on Pornhub is long because I didn’t want to stop, and it’s silent because, well, sometimes you’re not really free to make as much noise as you’d like…

The naked truth 1 (sensually explicit NSFW 18+)
The naked truth 2  (sensually explicit NSFW 18+)
The naked truth 3 (sexually explicit NSFW 18+)


14 thoughts on “On the naked truth 2

  1. Rain, would you be willing to explore vaginal orgasmic stimuli in your art? Is there a limit to your art that you are not willing to cross? If so what are those limitations? For instance, would you be willing to perform some of your art live?

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    1. Hi Bob, thanks for writing. Good questions… I have a slightly compromised nervous system so live performance is very triggering for me. Never say never of course but for now, video seems to be the right sweet spot of tension. I do have a long list of ideas I want to explore with my work and no, there aren’t really any limitations. I just have to feel like it and it has to be on my own terms and at my own pace. I used to be too good at doing things on demand, but I am no good at it at all anymore. As for vaginal orgasmic stimuli, I’m actually not quite sure what that means, you’re welcome to enlighten me, it does sound interesting.


  2. Rain, I find all of your videos deeply creative, moving and erotic. They do lead me to imagine being in bed next to you, and with you. In this video in the middle you were so completely caught up in the feeling, the building orgasm, and then at the end you looked so content and happy with yourself! It was a beautiful look to see, especially given how much you seem to doubt yourself. As a man, I never understand how a woman like yourself, who is beautiful and sexy and erotic and powerful, how she can feel that she is not any of those things. When I see you, I always see that that is who you are.
    Probably the thing I most anticipate about the videos is how they are always kind of different — there is always some new take on you to see! I do so enjoy getting to know your body better and better this way.

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    1. Thank you very much for your beautiful comment. I do wonder also, why I can’t seem to feel good about myself consistently. Pleasure does help, so I’m very glad for that. It makes me happy that you’re enjoying my videos. Maybe I shouldn’t say that, but that’s how I feel so why not say it.


  3. Hi!
    I found very little time. On vimeo. My id is Mayte. I am fascinated by what you do. It is art. A different kind of show. Glad you came into my life. How can I learn more about you, to find out about your films? I do not speak English very well, but I hope you understand what I write. Thank you.

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    1. Hi, I do understand what you write. Thank you for your comment, I appreciate what you said. So far this blog is the best (only) place to learn more about me. This is where I am learning more about myself too.


  4. I really enjoy how your work pushes the borders between art and eroticism, or even demolishes the borders and leaves the viewer with the question, “is sex, in itself, art?”. You manage to bring to light the creative part of self love.

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    1. Wow, thank you so much for this awesome comment. I can’t believe that my work is what inspired it, but I’m going to believe it anyway! Yes, creation, life, love, art, sex, I think maybe, ideally, are all one.


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