On Tumblr

Finally, finally, finally, I am on Tumblr!!!

For the technically inclined, my embedding issue was a question of http vs https. The difference one letter makes!

No new content, but now the videos hosted on Pornhub can be viewed directly on the Tumblr blog. From what I can tell, it doesn’t work on the mobile app (there it redirects you to the Pornhub website) but it does work in a web browser for me. It’s nice to see all my pieces together again, reunited.

And I made some gifs, my own flashing images (NSFW 18+) Fun stuff.

Oh and it’s also the return of the Post orgasm piece (explicit sexuality). I had waited to turn it into a gif but I also uploaded the whole thing. It’s one of my earliest video. I still like it a lot.

Rain Robert on Tumblr


4 thoughts on “On Tumblr

    1. Hi Bob, interesting questions again, I just needed to figure out how I felt about answering them (it’s not like there’s a handbook out there on how to handle erotic art fan questions!) I’ve decided to answer honestly but I feel that it’s important to specify that I am choosing to do so, because I want to, not because I feel like I have to. Now that that’s on the record, the fluid I’m playing with in the Post orgasm video is either a lot of arousal fluid and/or what I believe to be ejaculate from a clitoral orgasm. This is based on what I learned from Kim Anami, who herself bases her work on her Taoist studies (kimanami.com). They’re both very similar but I sometimes feel very clearly that I’m ejecting fluid while climaxing (for example it happened during the Naked truth 3, at 11:24). It’s usually more viscous too. I would say it tastes a lot like saliva, but stronger and saltier. Definitely a little ocean-like. I don’t totally recall what this particular orgasm felt like, but I sure was in a very good place at the time, emotionally and physically, which always impacts my ability to get wet and come.


  1. Hi Rain Robert,
    … by the way – what’s your first and what’s your last name? 😉 How would you like to be called?

    I’ve just seen the very beginning of your video “blue seat” – I love it. I haven’t seen more than just the scene, where you are caressing your legs with another, …

    … that was enough to get excited and to realize, that your postings are authentic and of beauty.

    I was searching the web for years to find something which is erotically inspiring and true, which is full of sensitivity, tenderness and emotion, …

    … think, I finally found it. 😉

    I’ll have a look at the rest of your video, … when the time is right … to really dive into it, to feel and enjoy, …

    So, for the moment I am just wishing you lots a luck and fullfillment with your work and on your way … and … thank you!

    Csaba (a german-hungarian male)

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    1. Hi Csaba,
      You can call me Rain, that is my name.
      I appreciate you taking the time to write about your experience of finding my work.
      I find your words “erotically inspiring and true” very beautiful and if that is indeed what my work is to you, then I am very happy.
      Thank you and best wishes,


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