On feeling like an artist

I just uploaded the last of my unreleased videos. It’s imperfect and it’s different, but it makes me feel like an artist. This piece is my upside down take on making love on the piano.

Piano Orgasm (explicit sexuality NSFW 18+)

The story behind it is pretty cool too: I wanted an orgasm but I was in a space where this was the only privacy I could get. So I laid down on the floor and made myself come. When I was done, I turned my head and saw my reflection. Soaked in oxytocin, I thought, hey, I look hot. So I got my phone out to make myself come again, on camera. Then I accidentally hit stop, right at the wrong time. So I started again, figuring I could always stitch the two parts together. Meaning, I had three orgasms. Unless you count differently, then I had one with 3 peaks. Either way, it was delicious.

Yesterday I also made another video that makes me feel like an artist. One could see it as badly shot, but you could also see that I’m saying something with how I shot it.

Pussy Breaths (explicit nudity NSFW 18+)

Sometimes I look to the not even distant past to see what others have already done. Carolee Schneemann, Hannah Wilke, Judy Chicago, Eve Ensler, to name only a few. It makes me wonder, with all that’s already been said, and said so well, do I really have something to add? But I guess I do, or I wouldn’t be saying it.



12 thoughts on “On feeling like an artist

  1. Piano Orgasm is truly beautiful, and yes…you look quite beautiful in it if I am permitted to say so. The setting and the filming of the piece are both unique and very artistic indeed. Speaking of artistic, Pussy Breath is something I can honestly say I have never thought of as concept before, but I have noticed at times, so your posting of this truly should qualify you for feeling like an artist. Nice work

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      1. It is my pleasure Rain. It is beautiful seeing such emotion to your work. As someone who has become creative, and spends time thinking about ‘will this photo work’ or should I put it somewhere else, I can tell you spend a lot of time thinking about location, context, movement…all those sorts of things. And you are clearly thinking about what makes each piece different from the previous. I look forward to seeing more from you.

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  2. This performance under the piano is a work of erotic art. Very well thought out and done. The mirror being hazy gives it a dreamy like affect as if someone was dreaming of doing this. As you are rubbing your vagina your face is turning red from the build up of the climax as it rushes through your body. Your hole body rises to it and we could see how enjoyable it felt to you. How many women have the urge to have an orgasm but do not have the nerve to find a place to enjoy one. Hopefully some women that see your videos will start to relies that if they need or want to enjoy themselves they can. Our bodies need more then most think to stay healthy. Sex by yourself or with someone is a vital part of being human. Well done Rain. Thank you for posting it.

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    1. Again Lex, somehow it feels so incredibly helpful to read your descriptions of my videos. I guess even though I make them, I still wonder about what they contain, like some strange perspective vertigo. And I totally second you on the importance of sex to feel whole and healthy!

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