On being vulnerable

Being vulnerable is a gateway. A gateway to sensuality. A gateway to connection. A gateway to beauty. A gateway to transcendence.

People usually perceive being vulnerable as being weak, but really it’s the opposite. It takes so much strength to allow yourself to be vulnerable.

It takes enough strength to feel everything you’re feeling and be real about it.

It takes enough strength to be who are instead what you think others want you to be.

9 thoughts on “On being vulnerable

  1. So agree with this Rain, which means your vulnerability in your art is to be commended. Its not just the sensuality, its your openness about the entire process. I don’t think enough people are these days, which is perhaps why people view those who express their sexuality in an open way are often stigmatized. But I think it is wonderful.

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  2. To be what others want you to be all the time is not being yourself. It is our lives. Not theirs. so why should someone else say who and what we should be. As long as you are a good human being, that is what counts.

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