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I like Patreon. I think it could be a good match for me. I wouldn’t have to put a price tag on my work but I could still raise money to support it. So I wrote to them to see if my art would be acceptable to them (don’t want to re-create the Vimeo situation). They wrote back that it should be ok. So now I’m excited. And freaking the fuck out.

Anyway. First, here’s my letter and their response:

Dear Patreon,

My name is Rain Robert and I am an artist in a yet unknown category. I am interested in becoming a Patreon creator but I am not sure your guidelines will accept my work so I am writing to check with you before getting more involved.

I make all kinds of videos portraying my truth, including some that could be perceived as pornographic. I would like to make the case that they aren’t. Pornography’s definition is “material that is aimed at creating sexual arousal”. In contrast, my primary intention is to depict my own arousal. This may seem like an inconsequential nuance but I believe it is a tremendous one, especially in the context of our current experiences and views of sexuality.

I believe I have a strong artistic process that results in empowering pieces. My subject is capturing real emotions and exploring sensuality and eroticism from my individual point of view as a woman. I am expressing my own sexuality myself. I do this as a way to counter the kind of sexuality I am constantly bombarded with, in regular advertisement just as much as in porn. I believe this is an extremely important position to present and defend.

This process originated in my journey to heal myself from PTSD and depression. I found that reclaiming my sexuality was one of the most transformative methods to create change in myself. With self-love, I was able to reverse long standing issues with agoraphobia, obesity and suicidal thoughts. Creating videos emerged as a way to witness and celebrate my coming back to life.

I started making these videos over a year ago and it took me a very long time to decide if and where to share them. I finally settled on Vimeo for their commitment to creation but within a week they suspended my account. They re-instated it after I wrote to convince them of my integrity, but they removed the pieces that they found violated their guidelines (content depicting orgasm). Following this, I started a blog to document the obstacles on the path of sharing my work. After a lot of hesitation, I decided to upload the removed videos on a porn platform, but I am not happy with this situation. I want my work to be accessible but my videos really don’t belong on a porn platform. This is one of the main reason I would like to raise funds, to finance hosting them myself.

I am a firm believer in the need to respect and protect everyone’s choice to not be exposed to sexuality. Consent is the most important aspect of healthy interactions. But I have a lot of issues with the fact that our current society has created such a severe segregation for all sexually explicit content. I believe this black and white division actually contributes to our sexual health problems, from the lack of proper sexual education to the epidemic of sexual violence. I think we need to create safe spaces where sexuality can be discussed and expressed openly, so that we can heal from sexual repression and traumas and reclaim the power that healthy sexuality offers.

I do understand that platforms like Vimeo and Patreon need to draw a line in the sand for themselves in order to create the kind of community they want to foster. I will ultimately respect your decision in regards to my work. But I really hope you will consider my project and what I stand for.

Thank you very much for your time,

Rain Robert
Links to my work:

Words on WordPress: rainrobert.wordpress.com
Videos on Vimeo: vimeo.com/rainrobert
(Videos with explicit nudity are rated Mature)

Videos on Pornhub: http://www.pornhub.com/users/rainrobert/videos OR
(NSFW 18+ content, please watch out for malware ads)
These videos can also be seen without ads on Tumblr (available only on desktop computers): rainrobert.tumblr.com


Hey there,

Thanks so much for taking the time to write in about this!

Patreon does not currently allow pornography, and our Trust and Safety team is constantly re-writing our Terms of Use (https://www.patreon.com/legal) to be much more clear in regards to what is and isn’t considered pornography. If your work contains nudity or any material that could potentially be offensive to users, then you’ll want to make sure to mark the page as NSFW when creating your page or in your creator page settings.

From the sounds of time, I think you should be OK to use Patreon 🙂

One thing you’ll also want to note is that NSFW creators unfortunately don’t show up in search due to Paypal’s Terms of Use but we’re working with Paypal on how we can allow this in the future.

Let me know if you have any other questions and thanks again for sending us a note!



4 thoughts on “On Patreon 1

  1. Wow-first what a beautiful and amazing description of your art. If you doubted the reasoning behind it, this is your answer. Actually its almost a mantra! Nice reply from them as well. Hoping this works out for you!

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