On chain reactions

Psychology is funny. Just stating things one way has me waking up in the middle of the night feeling like I have to do the opposite. Trying to be in control is pointless. The urge to feel free has me wanting to break even my own rules.

I’m looking for what is real. Turning things upside down to see if I find it. It doesn’t really matter how and where I do it. What matters is that I’m doing it.

This video is part of an experiment I wasn’t planning on making public at all. But then this happened and I can’t stop thinking about it.

Orgasms move energy. What happens before, during and after an orgasm can be powerful stuff.

Oh and this made me change my mind on yet something else. All types of videos belong on my Tumblr feed. Walking, watching, touching, crying…

Everything is connected. Sometimes we think one thing is happening but then really, everything is happening.

Post Orgasm Emotions (emotionally and sexually explicit NSFW 18+)



3 thoughts on “On chain reactions

  1. This is really so beautiful. The video is intriguing. It reminded me of those beautiful agony (I think they were called) videos where they filmed the expression on people’s faces while they climaxed, without showing the action or even nudity. All types of people too. It was intriguing and very different. You continue to astound with your work. Please keep doing what you want to do!

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