On cycles 2

I’ve talked a little about the part of my cycles where I want to go hide alone in the forest. Well right now I’m in the part where I can feel the sap flowing again in the tree that I am.

As much as a woman gets in touch with death through her menstruation, she also gets in touch with life in the days leading up to ovulation.

The sap metaphor is actually a very concrete one. I can feel this energy almost as liquid. My blood flow gets redirected, from downwards to upwards. I feel it in my lips. Actually I see it in my lips!

There’s a lightness that comes after my period. I start to bounce where before I wanted to settle. My mind also opens outwards where before it was retrieving inwards. It’s like my whole body comes to life again. Energy wakes up. Desires wake up. Everything wakes up.

I love my cycles. They’re like monthly season change. Right now it’s spring time. Green leaves budding and flowers blooming.

Lips (explicit sensuality NSFW 18+)

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