On In the dark

In the previous post I wrote about sitting in the dark. I didn’t specify then but I am now. To me that is a very meditative thing to do. That’s how I do it anyway. It’s about nothing else than not engaging with anything for a moment. Sitting in the dark is literally about sitting in the dark.

Tonight I am in my bed in the dark. Now that’s a very different kind of thing.

I turned on my camera but being in the dark means nothing to my lens. And yet…

I hear cars in the rain…

I hear the ocean…

I hear sensuality….

This piece is very much of an experiment. No doubt about it. Maybe it’s annoying. Maybe it’s interesting. I don’t know. But it’s out there now. Impulsive me at it again. Oh well.

Better that than feeling stuck. Better that than feeling dead inside.

In the dark (explicit sensuality)

4 thoughts on “On In the dark

  1. Bravo encore une fois de plus pour vos vidéos. Celle ci est vraiment sensuelle et laisse place à une grande imagination dans nos coeur et notre tête. La raison ou la passion? Continuez comme ça. Avec tous mes encouragements. Amicalement Paolo


    1. Merci de partager votre réaction Paolo! J’espérais en effet que cette vidéo parle à l’imagination… Contente que ce soit la façon dont vous l’ayez vu! Amitiés, Rain


  2. I finally got around to ‘watching’ your newest video. And this was an interesting experiment. At first, I have to tell you…I actually watched the black screen, before I sat back and just listened to the sound. I think you mentioned about listening to the ocean, and in a way, the occasional crash of the waves after a few seconds of silence reminded me of the sounds you were making.


    1. Definitely an experiment! You can kind of hear what you want to hear. Maybe the darkness is asking you what you want to hear… I heard the ocean, so maybe it’s like putting your ear in a seashell : )

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