On making a point?

I’ve been thinking about the In the dark video… I guess I wanted to make a point?

It’s a bit of a trick of course. Turning something that doesn’t work into something that asks a question.

Exploring the erotic… What is it? What is to me? What is to you?

The trick may be conceptual. But if the questions are important, maybe it’s good?

I’ve also been thinking about all of my work. Past present future. There’s so many ways for me to look at it in ways that are superfluous, or worse even, conceited. Sometimes I do, I’m not gonna lie. Then I get all confused and sad. And sooo frustrated. So I try to refocus again. What is it? What I am looking for?

I ask the questions and pull my comforter over my head and wait out a voice that speaks without question marks…

What’s real.

Oh, right. That’s it. That’s what’s important. That’s what I want. What’s real.

And then it clicks why I’m bugged with the conceptuality of In the dark… Conceptual doesn’t necessarily equate real. But without real I have no ground under my feet.

So who knows about that piece. It don’t matter anymore anyway. What’s done is done and now there’s what’s next.

But at least I got a good reminder out of the whole thing.

What’s real.

That’s what matters.


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