On stay tuned

I heard back from Weebly, they are allowing me to keep the website if all explicit content is removed. I did and now I’m waiting for them to re-enable the publish function.

On some level it’s almost better this way. This site ends up reflecting the censorship position I find myself in. It’s almost more honest than if suddenly Weebly was all good. Our society isn’t all good, and discussing that turns out to be a huge part of my project.

Btw something hit me as I re-linked all my videos earlier. I really am trying to free myself. I mean, I’ve known that feeling all my life, but somehow, I hadn’t fully connected it to my work. Not in this ah-ha kind of way.

I am trying to free myself. This is what I have always been doing. This is what I will keep on doing.

If anyone is still wondering what my work is about, that’s the answer right there.

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