On still thinking about this stuff 

What does the censorship of explicit sexuality mean?

Censorship: the suppression or prohibition of any part of books, films, news etc. that are considered obscene, politically unacceptable or a threat to security. 

So showing explicit sexuality is morally offensive.

Maybe it’s also the political thing, sexual freedom may induce freedom in other matters.

As for the threat to security, there is the very real reality of sexual abuse. Sadly, it exists as much within the church as it does within the porn industry, as much within families as it does within international commerce.


Art: the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, producing works primarily appreciated for their beauty or emotional power. 

In my imagination, we live in a world where safety and freedom surround sexuality as a norm. Standards of morality have shifted with the understanding that sex is essential and healthy. Our politics enforce and educate the importance of consent, by protecting everyone’s right to say no, making it possible to say yes. And what I do is considered art, because human sexuality, male and female, is beautiful and not shameful.

4 thoughts on “On still thinking about this stuff 

  1. Porn is not explicit sexuality, it tends to be prurient and sometimes shameful.
    Explicit sexuality is very raw sometimes exciting, sometimes painful, but it is real and authentic.
    I discovered your videos by accident on Vimeo and I was drawn to
    them because they are genuinely real and painful in some cases.
    I am still drawn you and now your website, keep up the good work.


    1. Authenticity is definitely what I am looking for. I sometimes feel that I don’t even know what my genuine sexuality is: am I being real right now or am I imitating what I have seen and unconsciously taken on? It’s a strange feeling to not know for sure…


  2. There is a difference between your work and that of most others in that the starting point is you and not the photographer or client. That also makes the result much different, but difficult to place as an art form rather than sex exploitation. Anyway, glad you to see you have landed and can start on new ideas now!


    1. Detangling what is or isn’t sex exploitation is a very complex task. Is the constant use of women’s images in advertisement sex exploitation? Is looking at women in public? Is my own public use of my own body? I don’t have definitive answers for any of these questions…


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