On what it looks like

What does it sound like leads me to what does it look like?

For a man, the question almost doesn’t need asking because the answer is so easy to see. This is what a penis looks like. This is what an aroused penis looks like. This is what an orgasm and ejaculation look like. You can see it with your eyes open. You can see it with your eyes closed, because your mind remembers simply from having seen.

For a woman, it’s not as easy to see. You have to look for it, consciously. It requires bending. It requires opening. And it requires a mirror. There’s no getting around it. A woman’s eyes cannot reflect her own sex.

What do I look like?

Our sex organs define our gender and inform our identity. How do you conceive of your self when you don’t know what your sex organ looks like?

And let’s not mitigate the reality that so many women have never looked for themselves. Or never named. Or never touched. Or never have been touched. Or never have been touched but improperly or abusively. Or never have been taught. Or have been taught incorrect, harmful, shame-inducing things about their sex.

That’s why I am looking. Seeing for myself. Defining for myself. Defining my self. My camera is a mirror, a magical mirror with a recording function. One that I can choose to share to show what I see. Then you can decide for yourself what you see. Maybe you see me. Maybe you see someone else. Maybe you see yourself.

Close-up Orgasm (explicit sexuality NSFW 18+)

7 thoughts on “On what it looks like

  1. Though some of the comments you will likely get on this one will be of a different nature I like the way you think here. Of seeing an orgasm when some women cannot, or when sex is defined as abusive. You really are so thought provoking in your work and in the ideas you explore. Not just for you, but I hope for others as well

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  2. My experiences with lady cums are much different than what you shared here. You remind me of me as a teen ripping one off between classes. I have never seen an orgasm with the lady so closed.

    What I remember are legs wide open, lips fluttering in the wind. Holes open, sucking for fingers, penises, anything. Or face planted, ass up and open.

    I admire your method but are you getting the full feel of it all? The caress of the G spot, the tightening of the smooth wet passageways? The gentle release of gasses after the explosion?

    Forgive me but this made me sad. Lonely. Maybe that is exactly what you wanted me to feel.


    1. Your comment has prompted me into a deep reflection, and for that I am very grateful. The subject of sexuality is for me so tangled and tainted, the ultimate goal of my explorations is to get to a healthier understanding. I have had and still am on a big learning curve for orgasms – and it’s interesting to note that I am at different levels for private and recorded ones. There still is a high level of shame that comes up when I point my camera towards my sex and my pleasure… Actually there are so many points to address here that I will leave it at that for now and try to turn these thoughts into a post… Thanks for the inspiration!

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