On Bar Bliss

I have stepped up my game to make this video happen. I’m extremely proud of it, probably as a cure for how conflicted I’ve been.

I was going to write about so many things to introduce it, but none of it is working for me. I want to go back to how it felt to not have to talk about my work. What I had to say, I have said in the video.

Bar Bliss (explicit sexuality NSFW 18+)


14 thoughts on “On Bar Bliss

  1. So much to break down here, I think I will have to watch it several times to really digest it all. First of all your instincts as artist about the lighting and angle are spot on. Second, it is very sensual. I think what I like the most though is the casual nature of time here in this video. It felt like watching one of those long single shot scenes in a movie or even the theater. One where you start watching, become aware that it is taking time to develop, aware that it is a long scene, and then one where you realize you have sat there, mesmerized throughout. Yes, this is on this sort of level Rain. Its not just the sensuality of the scene, its….EVERYTHING. The back turned sitting at the bar. The taking of a drink. The time you took once laying on the bar. Exhaling. Inhaling. Taking another sip of the drink The act itself-you looking radiant-a brightness in the darkness of the bar. The conclusion and at the very end, a little bit of that tactile touch I have become so fond of from you…gliding the glass down the bar before taking it, drinking from it again and twirling the glass, all with a kind of devilish ‘fuck yeah’ smile on your face (or at least I think it was a smile).

    I know that I have learned that what I am doing is something I am meant to be doing. I’m going to say that you are doing what you should be doing. Keep doing it!

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    1. Thank you so much for this great comment! I really appreciate your willingness to interact with my art and your openness in talking about it. I’m really so happy about this piece, I’m glad I can share my enthusiasm with others : )

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  2. interesting trip you make..
    you came from far.. and still have a long journey to go
    Me..from the other side of the ocean

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  3. I guess you can’t objectively appreciate how seriously attractive and sexy you actually are – an unfortunate element of being human is that we cannot see ourselves as others see us.

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  4. How you see yourself is determined by which of your brain’s hemispheres dominates your perception. Indeed, how you see yourself doesn’t necessary have to determine how you feel about yourself.
    Your left-brain operates and sees you in a totally different way than your right hemisphere experiences how you appear. The left-brain is linear, critical, historical, sequential and predictive – it is useful for language, mathematics, prediction etc, but not really effective when it comes to seeing. In fact the left hemisphere tends to distort perception. I say this as an artist and instructor with considerable experience of teaching the Nicolaides method of drawing. The right hemisphere of the brain, however, sees in a freer and more exact manner – it sees without preconception and it perceives only what is being observed (without transference of any kind). It takes time and practice to see in such a liberated fashion; though children tend to naturally see this way – until it is educated out of them, like much else.
    If I can make a suggestion, beautiful Rain, perhaps you could get an eye patch and a note book and try the following over two days: Day one stand naked and relaxed before a mirror with your right eye covered and observe yourself for twenty minutes, then without removing the eye patch write in the notebook, with your left hand, ten words that capture what you saw. The following day repeat this exercise with the eye patch on your left eye and writing with your right hand. You may be quite surprised at what this endeavour reveals.

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    1. This exercise certainly sound like it would be challenging… But I definitely hear the distinction, I guess I probably fall into my right hemisphere when I make videos, because I start to see life and myself in a completely different way… which is why I keep doing it, because this “other” vision just feels so much better!


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