On new old work

Sweeping up my vaults, asking myself: why didn’t I share these videos when I made them, and why am I releasing them now?

Wanting connection is what drives me to participate.
Wanting autonomy is what drives me to withhold.
Connection without autonomy is dependency.
Autonomy without connection is isolation.
Connection and autonomy together is belonging, and that is what I truly seek.

I can tell myself I’m all over the place. Or I can tell myself I am always right on schedule.

Beach Break
Flying Hair
Cafe Shadow
Ferry Face
Crisp Touch
Wool Iron Sun
Train Hand
Snow Berries


5 thoughts on “On new old work

  1. These are all really intriguing Rain. The one I went right to is Minalism. I’ve been drawn to this concept recently and it was just an automatic response to the title. But these were all do unique in their own ways. Well done!

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    1. A lot from little, I guess that’s what minimalism stands for me. I barely do or show anything in that video but it’s one of the best representation of the haunted space I am in sometimes. Thanks for the comment Robert, intriguing is a great compliment!

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      1. You’re very welcome. I think they do qualify as intriguing because they are so unique. Hands, feet, hair, movement, stillness. That is different types of observations in this busy world of ours in my opinion

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