On interactions redux

This is something I’ve been writing about since the very beginning. I regret not having pursued it more. It feels like a treasure that shouldn’t go to waste. Every interaction I have with people who find my work means so much to me. They break the silence I try to hide in. They frame my work in ways I could never see on my own. They teach me about myself and the world we all inhabit together.

To be perfectly honest, I think this is the real art of what I do. Sure, my videos are beautiful and they allow me to see myself. And sure, my writing helps me feel heard and like I’m not drowning in my own head. But it’s the back and forth with others, the interplay of perspective from my eyes to theirs, the conversations that get sparked, that is truly remarquable. It’s not just what I do, it’s how people react to what I do, that is interesting.

I realize this might sound like a contradiction of my non pornographic stance. The whole I aim to portray my own arousal, not create it in others. But really it’s not a contradiction. I believe that the reason people are touched by my art (however much of a euphemism that might be) is exactly because I make it for myself and from myself. It’s the authenticity that creates the reciprocity.

4 thoughts on “On interactions redux

  1. The single greatest compliment I have received since I started here over four years ago came from a member of a band I wrote about once. Unbeknownst to me at the time I published my post about them, they were in the process of amicably breaking up, which is why I had zero response from them. Typically I get a retweet or a ‘thanks dude’ for writing something about an artist. Sometimes it is more, sometimes with a big name singer I know I’m not going to get anything. Anyway, I re-posted it on FB about a year after I wrote it and they not only liked it, but shared it on all their relevant pages, which included the new band that had formed from the old one. In doing all of this, I got a message from one of the members thanking me and saying how cool it was that I had used their art to make my own art. It floored me. It is exactly what I was hoping to hear in a way. What musician doesn’t take inspiration from another singer or songwriter. What painter doesn’t learn from the masters before, what writer doesn’t devilishly reference or give a nod to their own favorite writers. It made me so happy to know that words I had written prompted such a response. And I can totally relate to what you say here about making your art for and from yourself. Mine is different, but it is that sense of putting my own unique (I hope) spin on the proceedings that fuels me to keep going. Authentic is not just a word for brands of clothing or things from the past. It is about being real. You are real personified.

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    1. That’s a great story, I so understand how much this means to you. Authentically making, authentically watching or listening, and the feedback loop that it creates. It’s so poignantly beautiful I think because it mirrors belonging, something that we all have an innate longing for. And btw, that last line, that I am real personified, is definitely up there in my list of greatest compliments ever. Thank you!!

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      1. As to that last line, it just kind of came out, but it is very much the truth regarding you. Especially lately I think as you challenge yourself. As to me, I like how you put that as being poignantly beautiful. So true. Btw…fingers crossed along the same sort of lines. The singer for a nationally known band who are mounting a comeback got in touch with me today asking if I might have a suitable photograph to be used as the album cover for their forthcoming album. Cloud 9 doesn’t do this feeling justice! Not a definite but a huge honor already!

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