On inspiration

I’m also starting an inspiration series. I guess I’m into making things happen these days.

I’m keeping this space strictly words only, so this new curated series will be happening on my Instagram and Pornhub (NSFW 18+ Please be careful of harmful advertisement)

Yup, Pornhub. My thinking is, if I decorate my space, I will show up more as who I am. And there’s nothing quite like not following the rules of convention, so classical and feminist art feels just right for these walls.

Forgot to add: suggestions are welcome. Let’s make counterculture happen on Pornhub!

Update: Last night I took down my first post after remembering that I don’t own the rights to the painting. Then this morning I put it back after remembering that a 1887 painting is public domain. Oh copyright. Oh intellectual and artistic property. I forget about these things because my views are pretty out there when it comes to ownership. It’s why I use Creative Commons licensing on Vimeo. It’s why I don’t really care that Pornhub co-owns the rights of my work as long as I host it on their platform. It’s why I still can’t figure out how to earn money from my work.

Copyright will definitely limit the amount of newer feminist art I wanted to share. But I did see a photo of Frida Kahlo on Lena Dunham’s Instagram the other day. So either that photo is also public domain or nobody cares. I guess it all depends on why and how you share someone else’s work? That’s my personal philosophy anyway.


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