On interactions: love

This letter was sent to me through the contact form of my website and is reproduced here with the permission of its author.


I stumbled onto your work on pornhub and was moved by your project Bloom. 

I sent you a message via friend request but noticed you had zero friends on that platform so I wanted to send you these thanks and love through here as well.

“Bloom was an amazing work. It felt like you were being born from the cultural expectation to be clothed and non-sexual, to be covered, and through blooming you were taking yourself out of cultural expectations and into a world where you choose to be you, naked as the day you were born. It was powerful. I read your introduction on your website. Thank you for spreading love. When I was a young teen being brought up christian the biggest revelation I felt while reading the bible was also the one that made me later question the organized religion I was part of. It was that god is love. It was so simple, and I felt any focus away from that felt like cheating, because love can be such a strong powerful positive force, if we were to concentrate on being better ambassadors and practitioners of love, would we not help heal the world? Thank you Rain Robert. “

grow and love,

simply me


Thank you so much for sending me your message through this platform! I indeed haven’t been accepting any friend requests on Pornhub, but your words are making me realize that’s a mistake, one I will correct asap.

Bloom is one of my favorite videos, it was a huge turning point in my work. What you saw in it is just perfect, it is indeed about growth, transformation and liberation. I can’t say that I knew that specifically when I made it but my images come from a non verbal place within me, and it’s always fascinating to look at it afterwards and spell out what I expressed.

I totally share your philosophy about love. It’s the most powerful force on earth. The lack of it matches it almost as strongly, but not quite, because even that can be healed if one can find their way back to love. I know that what I do is sort of controversial but getting emails like yours reminds me why I do it. So thank you.

Wishing you all the best,

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