On my work

Speaking of making things happen, today I did my coming out. I am now irrevocably Rain Robert.

Here’s what I wanna say about my work as I’m thinking of it from the perspective of my friends and family:

My work challenges the notion that my sexuality needs to be private and that making it public is shameful or perverse or pornographic.

It questions the assumption that a woman’s arousal is something that must exist for profit, that the expression of her eroticism cannot simply be for her own pleasure and discovery.

It explores freedom of expression and freedom of consumption, freedom to show or to watch, to share or to judge.

My videos can look deceptively simple, there’s no artistry, no storyline, no real editing, no makeup job to hide behind. No specific talent, just real felt explicitness. Emotional, physical, sexual.

What do I see when I look at myself? What do you see when you look at me? When I look at my camera, am I seeing myself or am I looking at you watching me?

What does exposure mean? Where does the power lie? Is it the truth? What is beauty? What isn’t beauty? What is art? What isn’t art?

Is there such a thing as being overexplicit? An overindulgence? An imposition? Am I crossing a line? Why? What does it say about me? What does it say about you? What does it say about us?

May we feel free to ask the questions. May we feel free to not know the answers.


7 thoughts on “On my work

  1. This must surely be a powerful moment for you. What you say is so true about challenging notions. In this day and age with the internet and everything so in your face, it seems odd that there still are ‘notions’ about anything, including sexuality. But clearly there is. I congratulate you on breaking down the wall. I will disagree with you about your videos. They are obviously well thought out, and the lighting on several of them is exquisite. As a photographer I know that either you are very lucky…or you know exactly what you are looking for and you pull it off!

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    1. Sexuality is such a complex and compromised subject, which is why it took me so long to figure out how to tell people this is what I do. Consent and boundaries and transparency and accountability are so important to me. I feel very good about how I did it. It‘s freeing to finally own it and not have to worry who I can or cannot tell about my project. Thanks for what you said about my videos, I guess it’s always a mix of vision and luck!

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      1. I can totally understand that liberating sense albeit in a different way. I think luck plays a lot into any visual element ultimately. Light and weather are such unpredictable elements!

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  2. Another thing I personally love about your work is your settings. They’re always so minimal which keeps the focus centered yet they always manage to add to the atmosphere. It would almost seem coincidental but I doubt it.

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