On the truth

The truth is…

I keep wanting to finish the sentence that starts with the truth is but the truth is I don’t know what the truth is.

I seek the truth that goes deeper than acclaim, deeper than productivity, deeper than everyday health. I seek the place where I belong. I seek the feeling of being one with life. I seek the love that cannot be taken away.

My silence, my hiding, my rejection are expressions of my seeking. Just as much as my showing up is. Clearly I’m still grappling with this. There is never enough proof to make the rational mind stop spinning. Doesn’t matter though, because the truth resides in the heart. That’s what needs opening. That’s what needs listening.

My heart is an infinite ocean. I may be present or I may be absent but my quest remains, ebbing and flowing, its course unalterable.

How I feel is more important than what I do. What I do I do because of how it makes me feel. This sometimes leads me to addiction. And sometimes it leads me to grace. I can deal the former if it means I can have the latter.

In the stillness of the night I hear my voice. It reminds me that I am not alone. I am here even when I am not here. So are you. We are in each other.

4 thoughts on “On the truth

  1. No you are definitely not alone. Nor am I with the things going on in my life. Truth…such an integral word, such a confusing word. We seek the truth and nothing but the truth, but truth hurts. Truth stings, truth offends, truth causes pain. Yet it still is the goal in our lives. But I would argue that it is not truly important to those around us. It is the truth we seek in our own lives. And you have spoken ‘the truth’ in that regard here Rain. Exceptional thoughts as ever.

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