On appearances 

The thing about my sexuality is that, ever since puberty, it has defined how I get looked at. Interest, envy, attraction, judgment, desire, jealousy. Wherever I go, I get taken in through how I look. And how I look has always been talking loudly. Louder than anything I can say with my voice. And none… Continue reading On appearances 


On what it sounds like 

I'm still thinking about my analogy between crying and orgasms. There really is something there for me. In some way, I think we are similarly deprived of true expressions of both. They are both so intense and, for different reasons, there's no public place for their release. If you know how to live these things… Continue reading On what it sounds like 

On being vulnerable

Being vulnerable is a gateway. A gateway to sensuality. A gateway to connection. A gateway to beauty. A gateway to transcendence. People usually perceive being vulnerable as being weak, but really it's the opposite. It takes so much strength to allow yourself to be vulnerable. It takes enough strength to feel everything you're feeling and… Continue reading On being vulnerable


On yeses and noes 

I think one of the most important thing to learn in life is consent. Learn to consent for yourself and learn to respect others consent. In the context of sexual interactions and every other contexts too. The most important thing I have learned about consent is that, if you can't say no, you're never really… Continue reading On yeses and noes 


On cycles

A woman's menstrual cycle. Still a subject that's not really out there. It might be ok to joke about it, but in general it's TMI. Like with pee and poop, we're all a bit repressed by our civilized rearing. But also, menstruation is something that happens to only half the population, to the second sex.… Continue reading On cycles