On inspiration

I’m also starting an inspiration series. I guess I’m into making things happen these days.

I’m keeping this space strictly words only, so this new curated series will be happening on my Instagram and Pornhub (NSFW 18+ Please be careful of harmful advertisement)

Yup, Pornhub. My thinking is, if I decorate my space, I will show up more as who I am. And there’s nothing quite like not following the rules of convention, so classical and feminist art feels just right for these walls.

Forgot to add: suggestions are welcome. Let’s make counterculture happen on Pornhub!

Update: Last night I took down my first post after remembering that I don’t own the rights to the painting. Then this morning I put it back after remembering that a 1887 painting is public domain. Oh copyright. Oh intellectual and artistic property. I forget about these things because my views are pretty out there when it comes to ownership. It’s why I use Creative Commons licensing on Vimeo. It’s why I don’t really care that Pornhub co-owns the rights of my work as long as I host it on their platform. It’s why I still can’t figure out how to earn money from my work.

Copyright will definitely limit the amount of newer feminist art I wanted to share. But I did see a photo of Frida Kahlo on Lena Dunham’s Instagram the other day. So either that photo is also public domain or nobody cares. I guess it all depends on why and how you share someone else’s work? That’s my personal philosophy anyway.


On sex stars

I’ve been very outspoken here about my conflicted feelings towards porn. Clearly I’m having an emotional journey navigating my interactions with it. But I realize I’ve failed to balance it out by stating how I do not ever want to judge or shame those who make porn, especially not the women, and men, on screen.

I may not know if what I do is porn or not, but some people are very clear that that’s what they are making and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. I especially admire the work of pornstars like Stoya, Sasha Grey and others who are giving voice to their experiences and are empowering themselves while contributing to bridging the split worlds.

I also think that all those who choose to make and share explicit videos of themselves are part of a new wave sex revolution. The umbrella term “amateur” doesn’t do justice to the courage that’s involved in demystifying sex by expressing your sexuality openly.

So, despite my other ambivalences, I am proud and humbled to add my work to the achievements of all these known and unknown sex stars.